Cali or Bust

By: Joshua Livasy, Nashville, TN

Dearest Reader, I thank you for your time in showing curiosity and/or
concern in my humble narrative as well as your patience as you sift
through my illiterature. Nonetheless, I would like to extend the
information that I did not pony up these words on my own enthusiasm, but
was beckoned by a friend who was obviously in some form of desperation to
contract such a scoundrel as me to illustriously design through story—how
did he put it—ah yes, an interesting point of view… ( more)

They Say Falling is Peaceful

By: Michelle Smith, Boone, NC

As I sit here in Boone, North Carolina, watching the mist rising through the peaks of the oldest mountains in the US, I feel somehow connected. I have a gift to be able to run in these age-old hills, to see the cobalt blue skies beyond the changing of the leaves in fall, or to simply find peace in the mountains. ( more)

Valley High

By:  Lee Payne and Brian Solano - October 2002

Boiling in the blazing rays of summer, six climbers from the southeast escaped their sweltering habitat for the dry and deserted crotch of Utah.  Countless amazing boulder problems are nestled in the desert ( more)

Splash Out

By:  Lee Payne - Also published by ClimbXmedia

Since not every climber has the money or time to fly to Mallorca, and not everyone has "Ceuse over the sea" in their backyard, we all learn to cope with our local provisions.  In New York City people climb in Central Park, in Los Angeles they climb on plastic in the sewers, and during Alabama?s sweltering off-season we go shallow water bouldering in Little River Canyon.  ( more)

Master of Motivation

By: Lee Payne - 2002

Honestly, I would love to spend this time writing about his majesty, John Gill, and my perception of his exploits, but, sadly, I do not have enough knowledge to form a comprehensive testament to his faith and commitment for the sport he created. ( more)

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